IT/Engineering Staffing and Recruiting Approach

Strategic Planning

N2 conducts an extensive discovery process to fully understand your search and develop a custom strategy. We prioritize what skills are most important to you and what are your like to haves versus must haves. Additionally, we confirm your salary range is in-line with current market conditions. The process is so thorough, that it often helps our clients better define what they are seeking in a candidate.


Write up a job description

It is extremely important to take the time and write a detailed job description that candidates are going to respond to. With almost 20 years of IT staffing experience, N2 writes descriptions that get candidates excited about potentially changing jobs. Our response rates exceed industry expectations.


We find the hard to reach candidates

Other recruiting firms just search job boards. N2 has strong relationships with some of the world’s leading IT consultants, architects and developers. They contact us before they start posting their resumes on job boards. Our vast network allows us to reach potential employees and contractors that have not even started their new job search.


We initiate an email marketing campaign

We have a database of thousands of IT staff. But unlike other firms, we do not constantly email blast them with all of our current IT needs. Instead, we carefully match up their skill sets with your needs and only reach out to a select few. This results in a very high response rate.


We post your job only on select job boards

Job board ads are a good way of getting qualified candidates. However, we select the best job boards for your job description. We do not mass produce your description on 100’s of boards, keeping your company search as confidential as possible. And, We never list your company's name so your HR department does not get flooded with unqualified candidates.


We use LinkedIn

Our recruiters have strong LinkedIn relationships and belong to all the key user groups in the IT industry. It is a great way to connect with potential candidates including ones who may not be actively looking for a job. In addition, we pay a premium LinkedIn membership to access contact information of blocked users.


Extensive candidate interview process

Each candidate submitted will have gone through a lengthy interview process from an expert in the industry. We will not simply forward a resume. You will get the interview notes of where we feel the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are in regards to how they line up to your job description.


Resume submission

All candidates are submitted with detailed notes of how they match up to the job description, salary requirements, and relocation needs if applicable.

We will not flood you with numerous resumes. We select our top few. Once you have a chance to interview them, we review. If you are not ready to move forward with an offer, we review/discuss where they fell short and adjust our search accordingly.


Reference Checks

Once you decide you like a candidate, N2 will conduct an extensive reference review process at the client’s request. This includes detailed reference review notes.


Making an offer and on-boarding

We work with you to negotiate salary. We are experts in salary negotiations and will help ensure you hire top talent within your budget and within the candidate’s salary range.

We make sure the candidates have a full understanding of your benefits package.

We work with HR departments to ensure all on-boarding documents are completed including any background check, drug screenings, and health exams required by client.

SAP Project Approach

When you work with N2, you get seasoned, experienced consultants who are not only experts in multiple modules, they also possess in depth industry knowledge. This industry experience, cross-module SAP expertise, and intimate knowledge of industry specific Best Practices gives N2 a unique and knowledgeable perspective which can benefit your company.


of Current Processes


Practice Knowledge


SAP Expertise

Implementation of

Optimal Solution

N2 Consultants take all the elements of the equation to

help you maximize your return on investment in SAP.

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